options of portable toilets for your party

options of portable toilets for your party

Answers to Questions You May Have about Roll-Off Containers

by Jetse Wilkes

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Do you need a way to easily get rid of the construction debris that get generated? If you're thinking about renting a dumpster or two for your project, here are the answers to some questions that you may have:

Is a permit required for roll-off containers? This is going to depend on where the construction project is located. In some areas, a permit may only be required if the container is to be placed on the street. In other areas, a permit is always required. In addition, some municipalities will require you to be the one to obtain the permit, while others will want the waste management company to handle the paperwork. Because there are so many different variables, check with your local city council or other governing board to make sure that everything is set before ordering any roll-off containers.

Are any materials prohibited? Prohibited materials may vary slightly depending on which waste management company that you use. In general, prohibited items may include appliances, electronics, paint cans, batteries, dirt, animals or animal waste, and similar toxic or unsanitary items. The company that will be providing your roll-off containers will be able to give you a comprehensive list. You should consider making several copies of the list and leaving them near, or temporarily taping them to, the containers so that they can be easily referenced.

Are roll-off containers all one size? Some waste management companies may only provide one or two sizes of container. Other companies, however, will have several different container sizes to choose from. While the measurements are initially given in cubic feet so that you know approximately how much waste they can hold, you can also ask for their length and width. This will allow you to decide whether or not any of the containers will fit in your home's yard or driveway. 

What if the container or containers are filled? Unless you have tackled this sort of job before, there's a good chance that you'll underestimate the size or number of the roll-off containers that you'll need. As a result, you should find out what the company policy is for filled containers. Some companies may charge you a pick-up and drop-off fee every time you need a new container. Other companies will instead simply charge you a rental fee for a set period of time, plus fees for the weight of the garbage that you generate. These companies may empty your container or containers as many times as needed, so long as you pay the per-pound disposal fees. 

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options of portable toilets for your party

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