Options of portable toilets for your party

Options of portable toilets for your party

Looking For A Unique Restroom Rental Solution? Try Renting A Toilet Trailer

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When you need restroom solutions for your outdoor event, the logical solution is to rent a series of conventional portable toilets that can be dropped off in desired spots throughout your location. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this approach, you might favor changing things up a little and getting one or more portable toilet trailers delivered to your event venue instead. Unlike traditional, single portable toilets, these trailer units have two or more individual private bathrooms — each with its own door. There are numerous benefits to this type of toilet solution; here are some to consider. More Space Perhaps the most notable benefit of portable toilet trailers is that they often provide more space than traditional portable toilets. This is ideal if you have guests at your event on the bigger side or people who have assistive devices, such as canes or walkers; both types of people will appreciate the additional space. The average person will, too — it’s nice to have a bit of extra room around you, whether you want to take off your suit jacket before you use the bathroom or just not feel claustrophobic when you’re standing to wash your hands. Opportunity For Luxury Conventional portable toilets certainly serve their purpose, and you can often dress them up with decorations if you’re renting them for events such as weddings. However, portable toilet trailers are often classier inside, which can augment your outdoor event. Many companies rent portable toilet trailers with luxury features. These features can include built-in lighting, stylish counter and sink fixtures, large mirrors similar to what you have at home and more. In some cases, when you’re standing in the bathroom stall, you’ll hardly think you’re in a portable toilet — you might think you’re in a private bathroom at a restaurant or boutique, for example. They Have Less Of A “Toilet” Look Some people might rather not have conventional portable toilets set up around the outdoor venue for their event. If you’re concerned about how these structures might look, a portable toilet trailer might be for you. For one, these trailers blend in well — they don’t scream “toilet;” rather, they simply look like an enclosed utility trailer. If you don’t want one of these trailers in a prominent place in your venue, you can have it parked in the parking lot, where your guests will hardly bat an eye at it when they arrive and as they circulate around the venue. For more information on restroom rentals, contact a company like Lemeta Pumping &...

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Portable Toilets: Light Them Up At Night With A Solar Light

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Soon the traveling carnival and festival season will be starting throughout most of the United States. People will flock to these events and stay until late in the evening. Many people will end up using the portable toilets that most carnivals and festivals rent until well after the sun as gone down and will have difficulty seeing what they are doing while in the toilet. If you rent portable toilets to carnivals and festivals, you can make the lives of portable toilet users easier by installing small solar-powered portable lights in the toilets to help them see. Here are some issues you should consider when installing solar-powered lights on a portable toilet, and a quick guide on how you can install them on your portable toilets. Mount Lights on Roof You’ll want to have the solar lights mounted on the roof for several reasons. A light shining down from the roof will provide a better ratio of light over the entire inside of the portable toilet than a light on a wall that can get unintentional blocked by a portable toilet user. You also want the light in a high enough spot where it is not going to be easily reached so someone can tamper with it. You don’t want the light shining into the eyes of people and temporarily blinding them (as the light might if it was installed on a side wall). The blindness could cause a person to have an accident entering or leaving the portable toilet. Use Led Lights You should make sure to use a solar-powered system that uses LED lights. LED lights are a lot more energy efficient and long-lasting than other types of bulbs. This means the batteries in the solar pack will last longer into the night and you won’t have to change the bulbs as often. Use Solar Kits Solar-powered light kits come with all the parts you’ll need to install the light onto the roof of your portable toilet. Make sure you get one that has a light sensor that will automatically turn on the solar light when darkness falls. The only thing you’ll need extra is a drill with a hole saw to create an opening for the solar light, a bit to drill the hole through the plastic portable toilet top for the bolts that holds the solar light together, and a couple of wrenches. Installing the lights Measure the diameter on the base of the solar light and locate a hole saw that has the same measurements. Drill a hole in the roof of the portable toilet and set the base into the hole. The base should be attached to a bracket that will keep it from dropping all the way through the hole. Mark on the roof where the screw holes go for the bracket. Remove the base and drill out the screw holes. The kit will normally come with a gasket you put between the bracket and the top of the roof. The gasket will seal the opening around the bottom of the bracket once it is bolted to the roof to stop water from dripping in on a portable toilet user if it rains. Place the gasket on the bottom of the bracket and put the solar light back into the hole. Slide...

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3 Questions To Ask When Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

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Many homeowners end up remodeling their homes during the summer. In doing so, they often have to employ the help of construction professionals and a dumpster rental to dispose of all the debris and excess materials. While some people assume that all dumpster rental companies are the same, that isn’t the case. Before deciding which company to use for your next roll-off dumpster rental, here are three key questions you need to ask. Are there restrictions on what can be put in the dumpster? One of the main things you need to know is if there are restrictions on the items you can put in the dumpster. You don’t want to think you can throw all of your debris in there only to end up getting hit with a costly bill because you threw something away you shouldn’t have. Ask what items you are allowed to throw into the dumpster. Most of the time, the company will have a list of allowed items that they can give you. This will make sure you only throw away what you are allowed to and prevent added fees. How many days is the rental rate good for? You need to make sure you know how many days you can use the rental for. Some companies charge a flat-rate for a set amount of days while others charge you so much per day. You need to know this so you can accurately plan how much it is going to cost you in dumpster rental fees. This way you can better coordinate how long you are going to need the rental for and how to schedule delivery and such. How far in advance do you have to book the rental? You also have to know how far in advance the company needs your reservation. You don’t want to end up waiting too long and not being able to get the dumpster when you need it. This could wind up creating problems and delaying your renovation work. Planning ahead for when you want the dumpster delivered will save you a lot of hassles and headaches down the line. Some companies only require a 24-hour window, while others need a few days minimum. By asking the questions above, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassles along the way. Renting a dumpster doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It just takes proper planning and asking the right...

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3 Tips For Installing And Maintaining A New Septic Tank

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Having a septic tank installed is more common than you may think, with 25% of home in the US having them. Using a septic tank is a viable alternative to having a direct connection to a municipal plumbing system, especially in rural areas where it is simply not an option. Following these tips will help ensure that the installation of a septic tank for your home goes smoothly. Have A Engineer Handle Crucial Parts Of The Installation For You It’s certainly possible to install a septic tank on your own, but when it is a job involving something as crucial as your home’s plumbing and sewage, consider getting professional help to handle it for you. Hiring a civil engineer will help handle important aspects such as surveying the land, classifying the soil, determining trench depths, and other parts that will be necessary for a septic tank to be properly installed. Instead of dealing with the technical details, you can focus on other things. This includes acquiring all the materials at a good price and getting the proper permits from your city. Add Features To Ensure Septic Tank System Success When a septic tank is brand new, it is the best time to add the necessary features to ensure it works for a very long time. For example, you can have an outlet filter installed that will prevent backups from occurring because of debris and dirt that gets into the system. This type of filter cost between $100-$200. Consider adding water fixtures in your house that use a limited amount of water. This will help reduce the amount of water that goes through a septic tank, which will increase its lifespan and improve performance issues. It will also cut down on your water bill and hot water usage. Have The Tank Inspected Annually Once your septic tank is installed, it is not something that you should just forget about because it is buried underground. Make it a habit to have the septic tank inspected every single year. It will help ensure you aren’t missing glaring repair or maintenance issues, which may not always be apparent because it is difficult to see inside the tank. Annual inspection of a septic tank is crucial if you are using well water, since a malfunctioning septic tank can potentially contaminate the water in your well. For more information, contact Lanik Enterprises INC. or a similar...

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Protecting And Preserving Documents And Photos After A Disaster

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Floods and fires rarely give people enough time to prepare properly. The result of water damage is often a lot of ruined belongings. While many of these items are replaceable and covered by insurance, there are many others that can never be replaced. This includes many paper goods like important documents and older photos. Paper is notoriously vulnerable to the damage that water can cause, but there are some ways to preserve these items if they do become saturated. When Instant Cleanup is Impossible In some instances, people are able to immediately tend to damaged items. In other cases, the damage is too great to worry over each individual item at that moment. When this circumstance occurs, it is possible to halt the damage to photos and paper goods by freezing them. To do so, drain the excess water from each piece and place the items in a box or plastic bag, using wax paper to separate each piece. Leave them in the freezer until they can be worked on. Drying out Items Immediately The important point is to remove the water before mold has the opportunity to grow. In order to dry, move everything to a room with good ventilation where the items will be safe. Place absorbent paper, like unprinted newspaper, on a table that will not be damaged by the moisture. Books should be placed on end and opened wide enough for the pages to fan out. Placing paper towels within the pages may help to absorb the water faster. Spread out documents or photos, or if the items are strong enough, gently clip onto a clothes line. Use fans to create more airflow, but avoid pointing them directly at the items. Replace the newsprint and paper towels regularly. Contacting a Professional A water restoration company can assist with many of these items and will most likely be needed to help with the house and furnishings as well. However, in some instances, additional help may be required. For homeowners working with a restoration company, see what their method of handling items like vintage photos may be. If they already have a professional who oversees the matter, there is no reason for the homeowner to make more work for themselves. If not, contact a professional photographer to see if they are able to make a new negative from the damaged photo that may allow copies to be made. If possible, scanning the photos can allow repairs to be made digitally as well. Prevent Future Incidents To prevent the loss of important items, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality waterproof and fire-resistant safe. Portable models are available and are easy to grab in an emergency situation. Store documents like birth certificates, passports and insurance paperwork in the safe. Make high-quality copies of vintage photos and other non-replaceable ephemera and display the copies while keeping the originals carefully stored away. Mold and mildew are an added insult to homeowners who have already been through a disaster. By being diligent about caring for items immediately, and calling for additional professional assistance as needed, it is easier to avoid nasty surprises later on. It will even help to preserve a lot of property that might have seem lost at first.  For professional restoration services, contact a company...

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A Guide To Better Home Waste Removal

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If you want to be sure that your home is consistently and safely cycling out waste, there are some steps you should know. The following tips will help keep your septic system in working order, help you hire the right waste removal professionals and prevent pesky issues when getting rid of garbage. For the best results, consider this information and apply it to your home.  Look Into Hiring A Professional Waste Removal Contractor In order to make sure that your waste removal is handled in the ideal manner, you’ll need to leave it to the pros. There are some considerations to keep in mind when you need to hire a waste removal contractor, including the many advantages you will enjoy. One of the greatest advantages you will enjoy is a reduced risk of mishandling. The larger the waste removal project, the more liability and possibility of damage you are dealing with. You’ll also be able to reach out to a professional for heavy duty projects, such as home remodeling or new constructions. This takes a lot of the guess work out of equation, while allowing you to be a good steward of your space and your environment.  Keep Odors To A Minimum When Dumping Your Garbage Though your garbage is out of sight and out of mind once you dump it outside, the smell can bring you trouble you didn’t bargain for. Always use high quality bags that tie tightly, while also using a dumpster with a solid seal, so that the garbage odor is nullified. When you allow garbage odors to remain, your garbage will attract pests that will keep them coming back for more any time you rid your home of waste. Have The Septic System Bumped Every Few Years In order to make sure that your system remains free, clear and useful, you should have a professional like E & F Septic Tank pump the system. A household of four should make sure that they get their septic system pumped every 3 to 5 years in order to make sure that the septic system is in working order.  This way, the system will be able to serve you and your household for years, without you having to pay to have the entire system overhauled.  If you want to make sure that you are able to keep your waste management under control, follow these tips. This way, your home will remain clean and efficient as you accumulate...

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3 Dangerous Gases Lurking inside Your Septic Tank

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All septic tank owners know that they’re supposed to get their tank professionally pumped regularly, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it can be tempting to try to tackle the job on your own. While there are many household plumbing tasks that you can easily do by yourself, pumping your own septic tank is definitely not one of them. This is because your septic tank is full of deadly gases, and by pumping your own tank, you will expose yourself to them. Here are three dangerous gases that are lurking inside your septic tank. Hydrogen Sulfide Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that is produced when bacteria break down the organic material inside your tank. This gas collects above the waterline of the tank as well as in the distribution box, so if you open the access door to your tank, the gas will be released. The gas smells like rotten eggs, but by the time you smell it, it may be too late. This gas can lead to deterioration of the concrete walls of your septic tank, so you can imagine how bad it is for the human body. It can kill at a concentration level much lower than other toxic gases, and in some cases, death is immediate. To keep yourself safe, never open the access door to your septic tank. Methane Methane is another gas that is present within your septic tank. Like hydrogen sulfide, it is produced by bacteria as they break down your waste. This gas is both colorless and odorless, so you won’t know it’s there until you feel the health effects. If you open the access door to your tank, methane gas will be released. If you inhale high levels of the gas, the oxygen level in your body will drop, and you will have difficulty breathing and may even suffocate. People who are exposed to methane gas may collapse and fall into the open septic tank, which is why septic tank contractors work in pairs. Carbon Dioxide Carbon dioxide is another gas that is produced by your septic system. Like methane, carbon dioxide has no odor or color; the only clue that it is present will be that you notice a faint acid taste inside your mouth. When you open the septic tank, carbon dioxide will be released, and if you breathe it in, you will be in serious danger. In concentration levels of only 10%, carbon dioxide can make you convulse or pass out, which can make you fall into the septic tank. Death can also result from breathing in carbon dioxide. Pumping a septic tank is dangerous for even the most dedicated do-it-yourselfers due to the deadly gases inside the tank. If your tank needs to be pumped, keep yourself safe by hiring a team of septic tank contractors, like those from The Outhouse, to handle it for...

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Signs That You Might Have A Problem With Your Septic Tank

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If you have a septic tank on your property, you need to make sure that you are always well aware of the various signs that may indicate a problem with it. This way, you will have a chance to have the problem corrected before it gets out of control. To help you with this, you might want to take a few moments to read over the following signs of potential problems. Your House Smells Like Rotten Eggs If you have ever smelled rotten eggs, then you know just how bad it can be. The thing is though, the sudden smell of rotten eggs in your house, specifically coming from the drains in your home, it not sign of bad food. It is a sign that there is methane gas making its way into the building, which is a result of raw sewage coming back up the drain lines. Should you find that you are smelling this, you will want to quickly call a septic tank repair technician, as you could have sewage backed up into your home very soon. The Drains Are Making Noises Are you hearing some gurgling noises when you try to allow water to go down the drain? If so, you will want to check to see if this is a noise that is coming from all of your drains or just one of them. This will allow you to determine whether the problem, which is most likely a clog or break in the line, is in the main sewage drain line, or if it is in one particular drain line that leads to an individual sink. Calling in your professional septic tank repair technician will ensure that the clog or broken line is fixed before you find yourself with such a bad situation that the water starts to come back up the drain instead of flowing down the line into your septic tank. The Yard Is Suddenly Soggy If you have a continually wet spot in your yard, that just so happens to be right above and around your underground septic tank, then you may have a serious septic leak. It could be a broken line. It could be that the tank has overflowed because it was not drained as soon as it should have been. Then again, if the septic tank is really old, it could have a cracked or collapsed wall that is allowing all of the septic water to saturate the soil in your yard. Now, with those three signs in mind, be sure you are calling in a professional septic repair technician before the problem gets out of...

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The Three Main Types Of Water Softeners

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Water softeners ‘soften’ water by using a material or method to dissolve ‘hard’ minerals in your water supply – things like calcium and iron which can build up in your pipes and cause damage to your plumbing. Though they all perform the same function, there are a number of different types of water softeners, all of which operate in different ways and carry with them a unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Understanding the differences between the three main types of water softeners can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Salt Based Softener This is the most common type of water softener on the market, and makes use of a salt resin to exchange ions with the minerals in the water supply, causing them to dissolve into the water. These types of water softeners are fairly affordable, as they are widely available (though high end models do exist), and need to be regularly maintained to ensure that there is enough resin in the system to continue softening the water. Salt-Free Softener Salt-free water softeners make use of a salt substitute to ionize the hard minerals in your water supply. However, instead of actually reducing the amount of hard minerals in your water, it only prevents the minerals from collecting on your water faucets and showerheads. The main draw of a salt-free softener is that it will not increase your sodium intake, but it is not as effective as a standard salt based softener and still requires regular maintenance to ensure that enough of a salt substitute is present to soften the water. Magnetic Softener Magnetic water softeners are an alternative type of water softener that do not make use of a mineral to ionize the minerals in your water supply. These softeners instead magnetically charge the hard minerals in the water supply, preventing them from clumping together and forming a scale on your pipes and water fixtures. They do not require any plumbing work to be done – instead, they simply clip onto the outside of the pipe, as the magnetic field can penetrate the metal of your pipes. They do not require any maintenance or upkeep like the other two types of water softeners do. However, the effectiveness of magnetic softeners (because again, they do not actually remove hard minerals from your water supply as traditional salt based softeners do) is still up for debate, as they are a recent introduction on the market. For more information about water softening options, contact a company like Aspen Waterwise,...

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How To Know If Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Repaired

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Many homeowners find it difficult to know whether their septic tank is in need of a repair or two, because it is something that is out of sight. They cannot see the condition of the septic lines or the tank itself. However, this does not mean that there are not actual signs that you can keep an eye out for. Take a moment to review the following signs that you will want to keep an eye out for so that you can call in a septic tank service before things get out of control. Strange Sounds In The Drains When you send water down the drains in your home, you should not hear much in the way of strange sounds. However, if you are, you are going to want to call in a plumber or septic tank specialist. If the sounds, such as gurgling, are only present when you are using one particular drain, it could be that there is a small clog in that one line between the drain and where it connects to the main line. If you are hearing such sounds out of every drain in the house, the problem is most likely further down in the main line or in the septic tank itself. Your trusted septic tank professional will be able to send a special camera down through your lines in order to find the exact location of the problem. You Smell Rotten Eggs Unless you have just literally thrown rotten eggs in your kitchen trash can and have yet to take the bag outside, such a smell is a bad sign for your septic system. This is the smell that is typically associated with methane gas, which is the byproduct of your septic waste. If you are smelling this in your home, it is most likely due to the fact that the septic waste is starting to come back up the drain lines. Should you delay an inspection and repair any longer, you might find yourself with a house full of septic waste, as it will eventually back all the way up the lines, through your drains, and onto your floors. With those two signs in mind, you should have no trouble deciding whether it is time to call in a professional septic tank specialist. This way, you will be able to have the problem diagnosed and repaired before it gets out of...

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