options of portable toilets for your party

options of portable toilets for your party

Portable Toilets: Light Them Up At Night With A Solar Light

by Jetse Wilkes

Soon the traveling carnival and festival season will be starting throughout most of the United States. People will flock to these events and stay until late in the evening. Many people will end up using the portable toilets that most carnivals and festivals rent until well after the sun as gone down and will have difficulty seeing what they are doing while in the toilet. If you rent portable toilets to carnivals and festivals, you can make the lives of portable toilet users easier by installing small solar-powered portable lights in the toilets to help them see. Here are some issues you should consider when installing solar-powered lights on a portable toilet, and a quick guide on how you can install them on your portable toilets.

Mount Lights on Roof

You'll want to have the solar lights mounted on the roof for several reasons.

  1. A light shining down from the roof will provide a better ratio of light over the entire inside of the portable toilet than a light on a wall that can get unintentional blocked by a portable toilet user.
  2. You also want the light in a high enough spot where it is not going to be easily reached so someone can tamper with it.
  3. You don't want the light shining into the eyes of people and temporarily blinding them (as the light might if it was installed on a side wall). The blindness could cause a person to have an accident entering or leaving the portable toilet.

Use Led Lights

You should make sure to use a solar-powered system that uses LED lights. LED lights are a lot more energy efficient and long-lasting than other types of bulbs. This means the batteries in the solar pack will last longer into the night and you won't have to change the bulbs as often.

Use Solar Kits

Solar-powered light kits come with all the parts you'll need to install the light onto the roof of your portable toilet. Make sure you get one that has a light sensor that will automatically turn on the solar light when darkness falls. The only thing you'll need extra is a drill with a hole saw to create an opening for the solar light, a bit to drill the hole through the plastic portable toilet top for the bolts that holds the solar light together, and a couple of wrenches.

Installing the lights

Measure the diameter on the base of the solar light and locate a hole saw that has the same measurements. Drill a hole in the roof of the portable toilet and set the base into the hole. The base should be attached to a bracket that will keep it from dropping all the way through the hole. Mark on the roof where the screw holes go for the bracket. Remove the base and drill out the screw holes.

The kit will normally come with a gasket you put between the bracket and the top of the roof. The gasket will seal the opening around the bottom of the bracket once it is bolted to the roof to stop water from dripping in on a portable toilet user if it rains. Place the gasket on the bottom of the bracket and put the solar light back into the hole. Slide the bolts through the bracket and the holes for the bolts in the roof, and bolt the bracket to the roof.

Placing the Portable Toilets

You will want to make sure the portable toilets are placed in an area where they will get plenty of sunshine during the day to charge the solar batteries. At night, the light sensor will automatically turn on the light so people can see when using your portable toilets.

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options of portable toilets for your party

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