options of portable toilets for your party

options of portable toilets for your party

Looking For A Unique Restroom Rental Solution? Try Renting A Toilet Trailer

by Jetse Wilkes

When you need restroom solutions for your outdoor event, the logical solution is to rent a series of conventional portable toilets that can be dropped off in desired spots throughout your location. While there's certainly nothing wrong with this approach, you might favor changing things up a little and getting one or more portable toilet trailers delivered to your event venue instead. Unlike traditional, single portable toilets, these trailer units have two or more individual private bathrooms — each with its own door. There are numerous benefits to this type of toilet solution; here are some to consider.

More Space

Perhaps the most notable benefit of portable toilet trailers is that they often provide more space than traditional portable toilets. This is ideal if you have guests at your event on the bigger side or people who have assistive devices, such as canes or walkers; both types of people will appreciate the additional space. The average person will, too — it's nice to have a bit of extra room around you, whether you want to take off your suit jacket before you use the bathroom or just not feel claustrophobic when you're standing to wash your hands.

Opportunity For Luxury

Conventional portable toilets certainly serve their purpose, and you can often dress them up with decorations if you're renting them for events such as weddings. However, portable toilet trailers are often classier inside, which can augment your outdoor event. Many companies rent portable toilet trailers with luxury features. These features can include built-in lighting, stylish counter and sink fixtures, large mirrors similar to what you have at home and more. In some cases, when you're standing in the bathroom stall, you'll hardly think you're in a portable toilet — you might think you're in a private bathroom at a restaurant or boutique, for example.

They Have Less Of A "Toilet" Look

Some people might rather not have conventional portable toilets set up around the outdoor venue for their event. If you're concerned about how these structures might look, a portable toilet trailer might be for you. For one, these trailers blend in well — they don't scream "toilet;" rather, they simply look like an enclosed utility trailer. If you don't want one of these trailers in a prominent place in your venue, you can have it parked in the parking lot, where your guests will hardly bat an eye at it when they arrive and as they circulate around the venue.

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options of portable toilets for your party

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