options of portable toilets for your party

options of portable toilets for your party

Mold Remediation Requires Killing, Removing, And Encapsulating Mold To Prevent Its Spread

by Jetse Wilkes

If you have a water leak in your home, you may be dealing with mold issues. Mold needs a moist environment to grow and spread. It also needs a food source, and that's easily found in building materials in your home. The right temperatures are needed too, but mold can live in a wide temperature range.

If the conditions are just right, mold can grow and spread fast if your home isn't dried out quickly after a water leak. Since mold is often hidden, you may need a mold remediation company to locate and eliminate mold in your house. Here are some important steps in mold remediation.

Start With A Remediation Plan

Since it's easy to spread mold spores and make the problem worse, the mold remediation company will inspect your home to find mold and then create a remediation plan. You'll know exactly what they plan to do to remove mold from your home. They may also do testing before and after remediation so you have evidence the mold is gone.

Contain The Spores

Mold remediation may involve tearing up flooring and taking out drywall, so the area needs to be contained to keep mold spores in place. This might be done by sealing off doorways and HVAC ducts. The crew might also set up a negative pressure system that pulls air out of the room and through a HEPA filter to the outdoors. This keeps the spore-filled air from circulating through your house.

Kill The Mold

Mold has to be killed. Just cleaning it off won't get rid of mold permanently. Mold spores survive, and the mold can surge right back as soon as the temperature and humidity conditions are favorable again.

The crew may first remove all the materials they won't try to save, such as drywall and carpet. Then, they may spray biocide in the room and cover all the mold. This takes time to work, so they might wait until the next day to proceed with the mold remediation process.

Depending on where the mold is located, the crew may apply mold-sealing paint over the area when the biocide has finished working.

Clean Up

Mold may need to be scrubbed off of some surfaces. Fabric items probably won't be saved, but certain types of flooring, countertops, and other hard surfaces might be salvaged by killing the mold and scrubbing the remains away.

Anything that's moldy is often double-bagged to contain the spores and removed from your home. The crew cleans up the room and verifies the mold is gone based on sight and smell. 


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options of portable toilets for your party

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